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Molin Berry aroma 10ml Attitude

large_12-attitudeMolin Berry aroma 10ml Attitude
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4,90 € unidade


Attitude 10ml. It is very important to go through the life with an appropriate attitude don’t you agree? Here are our simple 4 steps to greatly improve it: 1. Delicious Blueberry, 2. Mind-blowing Custard, 3. Heavenly Caramel, 4. Magnificent Raspberry. Done! Some say that this new Molinberry M-LINE flavor gives you +10 pts to your attitude with each puff. Is it true? I don’t know… maybe it is worth to find out? ;) Dosage 6-7%. Bottle 10ml made from PET material, childproof cap, long, thin dropper. Produced in EU.

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